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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see an example Newborn Session?          Yes, watch our 'Behind the Scenes' video below

How old is recommended for a newborn photography Session?

1 - 4 weeks

We have photographed babies from as young as 3 days old, on the way home from the hospital.

Ideally we recommend from around 1 weeks to 4 weeks for the true newborn session. This way they are still super sleepy and  teeny tiny.

Every birth & baby is different, so we do suggest speaking with us if your baby is slightly older or if  Mum needs a little more time to be comfortable during the shoot. We want you to enjoy the session, as much as the images themselves. Keeping in mind, we do all the hard work of positioning and settling. Parents can sit back and relax, whist we go to work. Yes, we have had parent fall asleep watching! Please bring a dummy.

All staff are whopping cough vaccinated & double vaccinated against Covid 19. Masks are mandatory in studio also.

My baby is over 4 weeks old, can i still get them photographed?


We photograph

all ages 

Of course! We photography at any age. Our experience of shooting professionally for over 26 years, gives us the  confidence to shoot at any age. 

An infant shoot may vary a little from a newborn session. As once baby reaches around 4 weeks of age (or younger dependant on birth weight & strength) they don't allow us to bundle them up and they like to stretch out. They are also awake a lot more and have much stronger necks. The photography is adapted to reflect this. Meaning you may have seen an image online that you love and would like to have your baby photographed in a similar fashion, but  your baby is older or doesn't want to be positioned like this; Then we can only photograph your baby in positions it allows us and is safe. for baby Some shots you see are only possible at 2-4 weeks and in a deep sleep. You will still get beautiful images!

Can  parents and siblings be in the photography session?


All included, no additional fees

We include all the family in our sessions. 

There are no hidden fees or charges for siblings, parents or even grandparents being apart of the shoot.

We photograph all combinations of the family during our sessions.

I am not sure what package I want to buy... Is that ok?


You don't have to decide until you see your images!

We don't make our clients pre purchase or even decide on a package until they see all their images.

We DO NOT Pressure sell! We are proud of our work and our prices.

Wedding coverage hours can be decided as late as the week of the wedding.

You can get just prints, just a USB or just wall art etc. Or a bit of both.

We can do printing for you or a custom canvas / framed print.

We have packages to suit every families needs and budgets. We have flexible payment plans if needed. We understand a new baby can put pressure on any families budget.

What do I have to bring for my Session?

A Dummy,

Clothing, food and entertainment for siblings.

We require a Dummy for all newborn and infant sessions! This is a vital piece of equipment, whether baby takes one normally or if you are against the use of Dummies. We do need this to settle baby on the day. You can dispose of it straight after the session if you wish. We promise baby won't become attached to it after the session. Without a dummy, we may not be able to settle baby and some positions won't be achieved.

Please bring your clothing and all that you would normally require for a 2 hour outing.

Sessions can be boring for older siblings, so please bring anything that they  enjoy to keep them entertained during the  time they are not being photographed.; Ipads, books, colouring in  & toys.

How much is your wedding Photography?

From $2400

We have wedding coverage of 6 hours and up starting at $2400 including high res images on USB.

Each couple and wedding are different and may require different amounts of time to capture. You can book us for the perfect time for your needs. From pre ceremony shoots to reception, or all the way up until you leave the reception.

We can help you work out how many hours you may require, this is what we do every weekend. Feel free to utilise our extensive knowledge. Your times don't get finalised until the week of the wedding.

Contact us to check your dates availability and to get a quote.

Can I get a wedding album on top of my coverage and USB?


From $750

We offer coverage from 6 hours with the images supplied as full high res printable jpeg images. Your images are supplied to you on a custom USB after they have been colour corrected and are fully artworked high resolution images, with no watermarking. We shoot in RAW format, them image process your images to give you the best quality images as possible.

We then use these images to custom build a wedding album with you. Our packages start from $750 which includes the custom album build and to get you started off a 20 sided magazine style album.  Yes, you can add additional pages to perfectly customised your wedding album to showcase your wedding journey. Each album is custom built and then personally edited and approved by you the couple during your wedding album planning appointment.

How many Images will I get on my USB?

All of them.

Newborn Photography sessions are normally approx 40 images

Wedding generally range from 600-1200, depending on the amount of hours coverage on the day.

Family or Pregnancy photography sessions are normally approx 40 images

Your images are supplied to you on a custom USB after they have been colour corrected and are fully art-worked high resolution images, with no watermarking. We shoot in RAW format, them image process your images to give you the best quality images as possible.

What should we wear for our photography session?

Anything you feel comfortable in

There are no rules. Come in whatever you feel comfortable in, you want your photography to represent you.

Some families wear colours that all work together and compliment each other, others like to all have similar toned clothing on. i.e All in denim and white tops, Girls in cream & boys in light blue shirts or all in black. We have lots of families wearing different things in our galleries, feel free to have look through. This may help you decide on a look that you may like to replicate in your images.

Although, we do recommend to avoid big branding or motifs on the front of clothes, as they eye is drawn to this.

We don't supply clothing for sessions. You will need to arrive dressed with hair and makeup done ready to start the session.

Can we have some photos in the studio and some outside?


we can go across to the olive groves

We are lucky enough to have a beautiful studio, filled with natural light and the stunning surroundings of Medindie to photograph in!

We can photograph in studio or outside for your session, with  the option of possible doing both. This gives you a lovely variety in your images.

We have stunning spots that we use within a very short walk around the studio.

Newborn sessions are in Studio only

Do you photograph Christenings / Baptisms?


we do these regularly

We capture all the special moments of your baby's big day. From the dressing at the house, to the ceremony, then we capture all the attention to detail you worked so hard on and beginning of the reception.

Our inexpensive coverage includes 3 hours on location photography and the images artworked/ready to print from or share on USB.

Contact us to ask if we have your Christening/Baptism date available

and we can discuss our photography options for your needs. 

We take all the pressure off the parents and family members trying to get that GOOD photo on the day. You can sit back, relax and enjoy what is such a special moment in your families life!

Do you do layby or payment plans?


we do these regularly

  •  We do direct debit or credit card payment plans, on 1st & 15th of each month.

  • We also have in-house Lay-by.

Covid update

STUDIO UPDATE regarding the COVID19 restrictions & guidelines:

The studio has always maintained a very high standard of cleanliness & hygiene practices. We have instrumented additional practices in to the studio that go beyond the recommendations of the S.A governments and SA Health, we have done this to keep our staff and our valued clients as safe as we can during this unprecedented time. All staff are double vaccinated against Covid 19.


We have reached out for advice and have been instructed by SA Health via their ‘SA COVID-19 Business operations Information’, that OUR STUDIO is in a position to keep photographing Adelaide families, as we are following all of the state government guidelines and restrictions. We are following the business density requirements and the restrictions on the number of people gathering at any one time.

The social distancing principles require a person to attempt to maintain a space of at least 1.5 metres between them and each other person present in the same premises.

Our studio (70 m2 and 67 m2 ) has more than the legislated density requirements for the social distancing of 4 m2 per person. Following the State governments restrictions, the studio can hold no more than 10 peoples or staff and 7 additional people at any one time, keeping to the social distancing requirements at the same time that require a person to attempt to maintain a space of at least 1.5 metres between them and each other person.


We continue to follow the State Government's recommendations and can continue to work until we are instructed of any further restrictions put in to place. We do require masks to be work in studio at all times, unless being photographed.


If you have any questions regarding having a session with the studio or our strict covid19 precautions we have in place, please contact us;

Email, Private message or Ph 08841083880405119704

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